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Kubernetes Cluster API – Video Series

Learn how Cluster API, a Kubernetes subproject, can help you to manage multiple self-managed Kubernetes clusters running on Azure or anywhere. We have Cecile and James from Microsoft Engineering team and maintainers of Cluster API and Cluster API Azure provider, to show us how easy it is to manage and operate self-managed Kubernetes cluster with …

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Install WSL2 and Ubuntu on Windows with a single command: wsl –install

We all love WSL2, but the installation process used to have several steps, as we showed here on Azuretar previously. As promised on Microsoft Build 2020 now you can install WSL2 and Ubuntu with a single command. This feature is now available in preview Windows Insider. In the following videos, we will show the wsl …

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Windows Containers – Video Series

The most anticipated Azuretar video series has arrived. Jorge Arteiro and Fernando Rolnik will show everything about Windows containers. We will show topics on how this technology works, how to modernize legacy applications and more. Part 1 – Demos and Introduction In the initial video, we break the tradition and start with demos, showing how to build and run …

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