Azure Monitor- Video Series

Monitoring is an essential task for IT operations. Azure offers a complete solution to monitor your infrastructure, on-premises, cloud, and application monitoring itself. Our Azuretar contributor Microsoft Azure MVP Tao Yang will show Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, and Azure Service Helth in a video series. On the panel, we have Jorge Arteiro and Fernando Rolnik asking questions. The first video is an introduction, followed by the second video about Alerts videos, and the latest video shows workbooks and Service Health Alerts.

Part 1 – Introduction

In the first video Tao will tell the Azure Monitor history, explain the service name changes, introduce the service architecture, and explain the relationship between Monitor and Azure Log Analytics.

Part 2 – Alerts

The second video is a hands-on demo, showing how to create an alert on Azure Monitor.

Part 3 – Workbooks and Service Health Alerts

The third video introduces Azure Monitor Workbooks, how to create workbooks based on queries. Also, Tao explains the Azure Service Health Alerts.

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