Using Docker Desktop to run serverless Azure Container Instance ACI in 5 minutes

Fernando Rolnik and Jorge Arteiro tried the new Docker functionality that allows running docker containers as Azure Container Instances (ACI) straight from your docker CLI. You only need an Azure Account, the free account is suitable to test it.

  1. Download and install the latest Docker Desktop Edge (From 19.03.12)
  2. docker version and check the version and Azure integration
  3. docker login azure and login to your Azure account in your browser
  4. docker context create aci <context name> to create your Azure context
  5. Select the desired resource group
  6. docker context list to see all contexts
  7. docker context use <context name> to use your Azure context
  8. From this point, you can run any container on Azure as you run in your machine, eg docker run
  9. docker ps to check the container and the public IP
  10. You can monitor your container from the Azure Portal on the Container Instances blade.

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