Azure Cloud

Azure Container Apps Demo – Background Application

Learn how to use the new Azure Container Apps service to deploy a background application that can scale up and down based on an Azure Storage Queue length. This demo creates an Azure Containers Environment where your container app will be deployed. References Follow us on Twitter @azuretar  …

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Deploying AKS clusters on Azure using Cluster API and Helm

In this video, Jorge Arteiro invited Vic Perdana, to show how to use Cluster API and Helm Charts to deploy AKS – Azure Kubernetes Services. Follow us on Twitter @azuretar  @JorgeArteiro @vperdana Subscribe the Azuretar YouTube Channel

DevSecOps Introduction – Part 1

This video is a DevSecOps Introduction panel covering many aspects of a modern Security approach of the development and operation life-cycles. Speaker: Lana Vyshnivetska (Security SME) Host: Nelly Sattari @Nelly_Sattari Microsoft MVP Jorge Arteiro (Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate #CloudNative) @jorgearteiro Wagner Silveira (Microsoft MVP) @WSilveiraNZ Fabricio Souza (Security SME) Follow us on Twitter @azuretar  …

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